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Winner of the fourth annual Weblog Award for Best Australian Weblog, loobylu is one of those blogs that keeps popping up on recommended lists. The personal website of Melbourne illustrator Claire Robertson, it is a journal of everyday life. From her knitting misadventures to teaching her little girl how to hug, Robertson's posts seem to delight her (mostly female) readers. The site is well-designed and illustrated with her artwork. There are reviews of her favourite books and knitting patterns but it appears to be the friendly writing style and scenes of domestic bliss that draws Robertson's readers in.
Dewi Cooke
The Green Guide (The Age) /
Technology (Sydney Morning Herald)
1 April 2004



A self-employed illustrator in Melbourne on domestic life and the adventures of a newborn.

Recent ramblings: "Amelia J likes birds. If she hears them while she's eating her dinner she stops and listens. If she sees a magpie on the road when we're out on a walk she waves her arms around and says, 'Ya ah!' "

Cool extras: Snazzy, crisp art.

David Stonehouse
Sydney Morning Herald
27 September 2003


"loobylu.com - Melbourne artist and illustrator Claire Robertson doesn't update her personal site quite so often as she used to, due to the arrival of a new baby. But when she does, she can make the power going out on a dark winters' night sound interesting, and worm-farming look like a barrel of laughs. Her stories are full of warmth and insight; no wonder she has won several readers' awards for web logs. The bonus on this site are the pictures; Robertson's trademarke big-eyed, rosy-cheeked characters turn the tales of life in Melbourne into mini-storybooks."
Jenny Sinclair
The Sunday Age
November 2002


"Winners of the 2002 awards included best-designed Web log Loobylu.com (www.loobylu.com), where Australian artist Claire Robertson offers commentary on her daily activities, illustrated with the beautiful small drawings that earned her the award. One recent entry about passing her driving test showed an illustrated Ms. Robertson studying a book of road rules, while another showed her pregnant and frowning at a small bag of old shriveled mushrooms."
Geoffrey A Fowler
The Wall Street Journal
November 2002


"Looby Lu is Claire Robertson, a Melbourne Illustrator, and her work is widely admired for its elegance, humour and personality."
Bernard Lane
The Australian
September 2002


"Claire Robertson Australian illustrator and Web designer (loobylu.com).
WHAT'S COOL: Serves up breezy diary accompanied by exquisite illustrations. Bonus: an insider's look at Melbourne's house-hunting scene." (!!?)
Chris Baker
May 2002


Joshua Allen: I'd like to think that it's just the content that matters, but the web is so dense with sites that if something doesn't twist my kilt within the first few seconds, I'm off someplace else. And what can you really garner in a few seconds? So it's arbitrary and unfair, I'll admit, but I mean come on, if someone is presenting their heartfelt writing in Comic Sans, can they really have anything all that valuable to say?

Actually, Comic Sans on the Miami Vice fan fiction site or whatever is fine - all I care about is the appropriateness of the design. Does it fit the content? Can you get a feel for what the content will be like just by looking at how it's presented? That's hard to do, and most people these days are opting for a super-clean, super-simple approach, which is easy on the eyes and easy to build, but doesn't have much personality. Some folks have managed to come up with something distinctive and fitting, however: Claire Robertson, Andy Pressman, Asian Bastard.
Dean Allen
The Morning News
December 2001


"Claire Robertson looks out her Hawthorn window every day and sees reluctant school children, focused businesswomen and dog walkers going by, unaware that they are about to achieve global reach on her site, Loobylu. This young artist and writer's sketches have a slightly retro 1950s feel. She also maintains a written blog, cover matters both personal and related to Melbourne's young alternative arts community. Don't forget to hold your mouse over the image for Claire's hidden comment."
Jenny Sincair
The Green Guide, The Age
Thursday October 11, 2001


"The other method of online prospecting is to resort to the search engines, which yield surprising nuggets if you are patient and prepared to follow blind links. It was here that I came across the delightful Loobylu and the very amusing BlogmeJoe, two different takes on the same confessional style...
...www.loobylu.com. Looby (real name Claire) is a twenty-something Australian graphic artist who maintains a charmingly illustrated account of her daily life. Full of delightful detail and occasional poignancy (the death of her grandmother in May, for instance) this site is easy on the eye."
Mike Anderiesz
The Guardian
Thursday August 23, 2001


"Loobylu, by Claire Robertson, Melbourne web designer. Cute design, real personality"
Bernard Lane
The Australian
Thursday 24 May 2001